Sires Brahman

The breeding bulls are selected to have a medium frame type with strong masculinity and good structural soundness.

Above-average EBVs for the growth and fertility traits as well as good performance in meat quality traits are essential for a breeding bull.

The use of bulls with superior characteristics from other studs as well as own bred bulls improves the genetic linkage between studs.

Great care is taken to prevent inbreeding.

Wetmer SASOL 08-112

Wetmer SASOL 08-112
Born 18.10.2008
Sire: Jamanle JZH 25
Dam: Wetmer Baros 25/95
Rangeland Grazing Index +N$ 88
Wean Index +N$ 58
Feedlot Index +N$ 56

Bramarein Sir Poseidon MR 15-53

Bramarein Sir Poseidon MR 15-53
Born 06.12.2015
Sire:   Bramarein Sir Elvis MR 12-57 – Sire: JDH Astro Manso
Dam: Bramarein Lady Poise MR 12-51
Rangeland Grazing Index +N$ 99
Wean Index +N$ 65
Feedlot Index +N$ 79

Bramarein Sir Hedo MR 14-60

Bramarein Sir Hedo MR 14-60
Born 26.11.2014
Sire:   PRI 04-403
Dam: Bramarein Lady Holda 5 MR 08-72
Rangeland Grazing Index +N$ 140
Wean Index +N$ 71
Feedlot Index +N$ 91

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