The Herd Simmentaler


Over most of the last fifteen years the herd has maintained an average ICP of less than 370 days. 
Utmost importance is laid on the selection of curve-benders: low birth weight combined with above average growth.  Most animals in the herd show this valuable genetic characteristic where calving ease  is improved considerably, combined with good production on veld conditions.


  • Genetic evaluation of the complete herd through Breedplan since breeding values were introduced to southern Africa in the 1990s.
  • 5 Star completeness of performance
  • Herd takes part in the Beef Genomics Project of Southern Africa
  • Herd performance is well above average for both Simmentaler Indexes (Breeders and Profit).

Visual appraisal

Medium frame, hardy, well-muscled, for all Namibian environments

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