Sires Simmentaler

As stud breeders we have one main function: to produce superior genetics for our fellow farmers.

The bull is half the herd! It is the genetics of the bull that will drastically determine the performance of a herd and therefore the financial results of the producer.

In our selection program determined by our breeding aim we only use bulls that are genetically superior to herd average as expressed by breeding values.

Bulls are bought or exchanged with other breeders to improve the genetic links within the national herd and to guard against inbreeding.

Type and structural soundness are evaluated by visual appraisal.

From every good sire we select one of his sons with even better genetics to keep up the identity of our stud.

Lichtenstein Aswin

ID: L 12-34
Born: 25.11.2012
Sire: Lichtenstein Mischa L 08-56
Dam: Lichtenstein L 07-40
Simmentaler Breeders Index: +R740
Simmentaler Profit Index +R636

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